The purpose of this application is to assist policy-makers with engaging stakeholders in an entrepreneurial discovery process and communicating the resulting vision to them. The development of a vision is an integral part of the RIS3 process. A vision outlines:

  1. Where the region would like to be in the future and
  2. What its main goals are and why they are important

In effect, the vision acts as a guideline for future decisions and policies in the region. Yet, a vision statement shouldn’t be just a bland statement that’s light-mindedly and solely formed by the regional authorities and hidden somewhere in formal documents. Instead, the vision should be shared. It should be built by engaging regional stakeholders, such as companies, citizens, educational institutions, NGOs, in an entrepreneurial discovery process , where they discover and produce information about potential new activities and identify opportunities that emerge from this interaction. Meanwhile, the policy-makers should assess the outcomes and ways to facilitate the realisation of this potential. Most importantly, the formed vision should be widely communicated back to the stakeholders.

This application consists of information material, that can be used for vision sharing and inviting the stakeholders to the RIS3 process, and links to external services that can be used to create customised information material. The actual vision is done in phase 3 as part of the application 3.1.